Wonder Wall Campaign

A Japanese anarchist pasted the poster concerning Palestinian problem with a Japanese artist to the isolation wall in Bethlehem in Palestine in February, 2008. This act aims at Palestine and it has aimed at making to the sightseeing spot. The act of this poster is called a wonder wall campaign among anarchists who participated in this act.

Dark Dayz by Blakstone

Track: Darkdayz Lyrics

WG Reporting

The sun does rise but mate darkness is steady, it tries to shine, too late darkness is heavy. It stays behind lingers in hearts and minds ready to spawn its child hate and strike my kind. Lately it’s hard to find a spot safe for yours and mine, I swear to God our blood soaks this earth already. Gujarat we died the world watched us count bodies, we tried to fight a mad mob that embodied a nation’s hate. Musharraf played as we got it, New Delhi made and armed the mob with machetes & pitchforks they sliced a pregnant sister‘s belly. They stabbed her child before her eyes torched her body. She died twice these cowards will die plenty.

From Abu Ghraib Fatima cries for men if there remains any. She’s raped daily by cowards empowered mainly by rulers with power to act the facts are seen plainly. She cries ‘they done shamed me they raped and then maimed me’ inside her hope dies she cries ‘please come save me’. Our blood for oil its our blood for pennies, Bush soils my soil my blood it boils like many. I recoil and just bounce back to slap up any Rulers on pay-packs we struggle and toil against these rats who aint loyal In contracts to deen spoil. No they aint royal their thrones from tinfoil and God’s is sturdy and when these tyrants die the skies will rain confetti. We’ll celebrate cause all we’ve known is turmoil & heart-brake from these snakes embroiled in laws foiled cause man makes so man brakes and spoils. We wake and its open hunting season on everybody believing even children are beaten left bleeding not breathing. My people are grieving as these blasphemous demons are weaving their lies, now every nation the worthless and worth-little tries. Feening they gather round us ravenous feasting & feeding on hearts minds yearning for reason from treasonous spies. They lie and all for spoils of oil, we die rebelling and deening alive we’ve been boiled but yo we are still going.

AWAW Reporting

War is knocking non stop on those with not a lot. In the charities they guarantee vanity, crescent or cross. In the age of power, just couple hours whole cities are lost.Who empowers those who devour that which most would rather not? Hunger scours seeking rememberance from tongues who prayer forgot. Not to mention the Wall Street henchmen with their stench of greed and rotten invention for peace prevention called pre-emption. Now we’ve got international money men with interest loans to cripple crops. On condition their missionaries get to build their steeple tops on the graves of the babies laid to waste by gas laced missile tops. Now embark on the same free market which stole everything they got, all the choices promised through open democracy come to silence the voices of those who practice polygamies, they rejoice in the pregnancies of their pre-teens. Enjoying their things, they meet in the chatrooms of cyberspace, with subscribers who hide their face behind aliases. Embrace in the dark streets on dark dayz, in the gaze of peep-hole freaks with their dark ways, in parkways where the homosexuals meet. Politicians, they’re quick to greet the decisions that put the weak in positions, too scared too speak of the visions of famine reeking havoc its savage but there you have it. The marriage of man made systems and carrots that come with sticks to disparage what contradicts to their ravage apocalypse. And we’ve had it we’re losing grip and its sad cause we’re all there is in these dark days, Dark Dayz.


Day diary two

Sunday stand on odd number,
end the form of what to be remember,
after rest of day being slave of matter,
working 7 to 7 just for piece of butter,
bemetallism soul that taste turn bitter,
meantime the rich master keep get fetter,
by materialismus that they keep on slaugter.

Normal calendar sunday is a last day,
either it sunny or not it still Sunday,
meaning overtune demand an quiet day,
as baker will not bake the bread today,
barber will not sharp the blade today,
but the beggar keep on begging today,
just for piece bread to cover the day.

Sunday have keep turning away,
but those hold friday is on the way,
for hope because there are some way,
that all life will be on better way.


Day diary one

Day begin on ride,
while everything stand still,
silent enfold time, since ever,
as the cold-cold winter take hold,
then, a pure mineral dropping from sky,
signify of growing seed, signify goody day,
signify rhyme soul and signify distination to go.

Day begin, all right,
seem the sun being missing a year,
seem blind to see an rainbow fall,
but never say that spring wont come,
it will make my kid cry for whole day.

Ok, ok, day begin with namaz,
what will be a day without it,
maybe like the moon without plant,
maybe like the sun without air,
althought that, moon and sun say their namaz,
oh Lord, keep me everyday with namaz.

Many-many time

Many-many years,
we take a walk,
by any level,
cross the limit,
to kiss the sky,
before say goodby.

Many-many night,
we are restless,
trumble in bubble,
blow of oddity humble,
to flee from hypocrisy.

Many-many day,
we without light,
exclusion of doom,
that coming near,
may by any day, dear.

Then in time,
we being told,
about interspace,
in minute of breath,
ablution and postration,
so that, life run to direction.

- akhi@zub